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The Ulen Civic & Commerce is comprised of members of the town of Ulen, Minnesota. With a vibrant community, Ulen is an ideal place to visit or move to. The mission of the Ulen Civic & Commerce is to continue to make improvements to the City of Ulen and make it a better city to live.One of the main projects of the Ulen Civic & Commerce is organizing the town celebration - "Ulen BBQ Turkey Days." We give scholarships to our graduates and also sponsor Santa days. The town of Ulen is centrally located on the Western side of Minnesota. Surrounded by fertile farmland and beautiful scenery, we really can't think of a better place to live and grow. With a community that is dedicated to creating an atmosphere for business growth and quality of life, Ulen is truly a diamond in Minnesota.

TBQ is coming!

August 16th Ulen Annual TBQ! See you there!

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